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Mo., 28. Sept.


Espaco SerVivo

Radical Self-care Immersion

Pressure isnt motivating. Love is.

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Radical Self-care Immersion
Radical Self-care Immersion

Zeit & Ort

28. Sept. 2020, 11:00

Espaco SerVivo

Über die Veranstaltung

I  created this 10 day immersion because I feel that these crazy-corona  times are a time of great potential. "When nothing is certain,  everything is possible" and I would love to see us seizing the moment of  chaos to create the world that so many of us have been dreaming about  for so long. To do so, to actually make this transformation happen, we need all of our power, health, focus and compassion available to us. We need all of our vitality. That is why I would like to share strategies, tools and methods that I found helpful to nurture this vitality. I envision these 10 days as a time to recharge, ground and reflect. I hope it will be a vulnerable, joyful and honest journey guiding us to our selves, our agency, our strength and our purpose.

Questions such as...

- What do we want to be vital for? What motivates us to be healthy, centered and strong? - What does it mean to be motivated by love instead of shame? - How do we nurture our vitality? - In what ways and for what reasons do we harm ourselves? - How can I cultivate a sense of worthiness? - How do I advocate for my needs? (Keyword: saying no and boundaries)

...will be our guides.

Yoga,  patience, critical theory, self-love, Intuitive Movement, Heart  Sharings, and some basic ayuvedic remedies will be our tools.

I think it's going to be a beautiful adventure and I hope to see some of you there again! 

Practicalities: The course consists of 3 parts.

1) Daily yoga and/or intuitive movement

Monday,  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I will record a 1h yoga class at 10am  (Portuguese time) / 11am (German time). You are very welcome to either: - join me in person at SerVivo in Arrabida Portugal Or - join me live on our YouTube channel Or - do the class later at a time that suits you.

2) Group meetings

We'll come together via zoom. Consisting of theoretical input, practical exercises, guided meditations, and heart sharings First meeting will be Monday, the 28th 5pm-6pm (Portugal time) / 6pm-7pm (German time) The other two will be on Thursdays Oct 1st and 8th 5pm - 7pm (Portugal) /6pm - 8pm German time

3) One-on-One coaching As  the invitation to take care of our selves can bring up quite sensitive  emotions and deep questions I will also offer to work with each one of  you in a private session on your specific challenges in this journey. If  this sounds like something you would benefit from, please indicate so  in your registration email. We'll figure out a date and time together.

Energy exchange

it is my heartfelt wish that anybody who wants to participate can do so regardless of their financial situation. If you can, however, I'd be very grateful if you showed your appreciation of my time in energy with a contribution of 20 to 100 Euro (slinding scale - depending on your financial situation)


It  will be most nurturing and beneficial to you and to the group if you  can commit for all of the meetings and classes. Please get in contact if  you already know you will miss one or several of the meetings but would  still like to join.

Registration open until September 26th

Email: or WhatsApp/telegram +49157 38 222 345

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