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Sa., 10. Okt.


Online-Panel Discussion

Squirting from a queer-materialist perspective

This talk will be about squirting from a queer-materialist perspective. The talk is part of the online conference "Queering Sex Ed" and will be held in English. More information are coming soon.

Squirting from a queer-materialist perspective
Squirting from a queer-materialist perspective

Zeit & Ort

10. Okt. 2020, 13:30 – 14:30

Online-Panel Discussion

Über die Veranstaltung

While  the fluidity of gender finds more and more acknowledgement, the idea  that there are only two ‘biological sexes’ still holds persistently even  in feminist discourses. An idea of ‘nature’ is thus oftentimes adduced  as evidence for the existence of ‘men’ and ‘women’.

This talk rejects the alleged binary  ‘nature’ and offers a queer view on bodies and their genitalia. Looking  in depth at bodily matter, flesh, tissues, glands and fluids it becomes  clear that bodies themselves are not straight: Not only genitals exist  in all shapes and forms, but also prostate glands and their fluids have  multiple and various characteristics that transcend the binary. We  will investigate into the phenomenon of “squirting” by looking at  anatomical illustrations of vulvae, vulval prostates, urethrae and  periprostatic tissue. 

Following these anatomical insights there will be  time for sharing thoughts and personal experiences – since the  experience of squirting is very varying for each of us!

You can find more information about the talk and the whole conference here

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